Built in 1907, Tynehead Hall is owned, maintained, and operated by the Tynehead Community Association, a non-profit organization registered in Victoria since 1959. All of the members of the Tynehead Community Association live in the neighbourhood of Tynehead Hall and are volunteers.

The Tynehead Women’s Auxiliary, a standing committee of Tynehead Community Association, meets monthly and organizes 3 fundraising dinners in the hall every year, donating the proceeds towards renovations and improvements to the hall’s kitchen, and to charities.

We welcome your questions and comments. We will respond to emails as soon as possible.

For inquiries about booking the hall please use the book form, for inquiries about TCA business (NOT booking questions), email the TCA at info@tyneheadhall.ca.

The booking agent’s email is tynehead1907@gmail.com.