Fire and Legal Responsibilities
  • The occupant load capacity of 120 persons must not be exceeded.
  • Fire exit doors must not be blocked off.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the hall.
  • If food is being served a temporary food permit may be needed. It is obtained from the Fraser Health Authority. Submit a Temporary Food Premises Application at least 14 days before the event. A permit is not needed if it is a private family event or a caterer is hired. Must have a Food Safe certificate and apply at least 3 weeks prior to event to obtain a temporary food permit.
  • Special Event insurance must be purchased – see or for information on event insurance (proof of insurance is required for all rentals).
  • If liquor is being served:
    • A liquor license must be obtained and posted prior to the serving of liquor – see Special Occasion License
    • Party Alcohol Liability Insurance is required (an add-on to the event insurance)
House Keeping Expectations
  • Decorations to be put up with masking tape only.
  • No confetti, rice or similar is allowed in the hall.
  • All guests must leave the premises no later than 12:30am.
  • Clean up must be completed by 1:30am. Failure to adequately clean the facility before you leave will result in a deduction from your damage deposit for cleaning services.
  • Equipment and supplies are available at the hall to assist you with the cleaning which is to include the following:
    • Sweep wooden floors and damp mop areas where spills have occurred.
    • Oven, stove, fridge and sinks must be cleaned after use and all counter tops wiped.
    • Wipe down and return tables and chairs to original storage areas.
    • All garbage must be taken away.
    • Bathroom areas must be checked and exceptional messes cleaned.
    • All decorations and tape must be completely removed after event.
    • Cigarette butts in outside smoking areas must be cleaned up.
    • Litter in parking area must be picked up.
    • No equipment, liquor or food can be left in hall after rental.
  • Please ensure heating and all lights are turned off and doors are locked when leaving the building.
  • Tynehead Community Association will not be responsible for articles lost, damaged or stolen.